Death Sentence 2007

Death Sentence

Death Sentence 

Death Sentence Nick Hume, a businessman living in Columbia, South Carolina is a fan of his son Brendan’s hockey game. As they are driving home, they stop at a station in an area that is deemed to be a crime. As they are robbed of the gas station, Joe Darley, a new band member, cuts Brendan’s throat with machete. Nick gets into a fight with the thugs and pulls Joe’s mask off, revealing his face. Joe escapes but is struck by a car. Nick takes Brendan to the hospital and the boy passes away.

Nick recognizes Joe in a line-up of police officers. However, Nick is in a state of anger at the District Attorney informs Nick that the defense will negotiate an lenient sentence since there’s no evidence sufficient to go to trial. In a pre-trial hearing Nick recants his identification so Joe will go free. After chasing the gang back to their hideout, Nick waits until Joe is alone and stabs him to death. Billy, the gang leader, is determined to exact revenge. One of the gang members says his sister saw a man wearing uniform on the night that Joe was killed. Confirming that it that it was Nick from a newspaper picture and then they attack him on the street. He is pursued to an area of parkade. He hides and then runs across the parkade and jumps onto cars as he runs. Nick and his gang appear to be confused by the sound of the alarms on the cars. Nick is forced to climb the ladder while a gang member closes in. Nick fights for the life that he is given and is then forced to drive a car with him. The car reverses and drives towards the parkade. Nick gets away just enough time. However the gang member falls to his death. Nick’s office gets visited by a different member of the gang to hand over the suitcase that he was unable to retrieve during the chase. Nick dials a number that is found inside the suitcase belonging to Billy. Billy warns him that Nick has purchased an “death sentence” for his family members, and reveals that Joe was actually his brother. Nick immediately contacts Jessica Wallis, the detective assigned to Brendan’s case, who is already aware of the alleged crime Nick has started. Jessica issues APBs to Billy and his gang, and grants Nick’s family security. In the evening, the police at Nick’s home are espionage killed, but by the time Nick realizesit, he discovers the gang members in the house. They attack and subdue Nick Then, they take Helen and Lucas downstairs to shoot them. Helen is killed while Lucas is hospitalized.

After Jessica gives a speech on how wars can never be resolved, she lets Nick to visit the comatose Lucas and he apologizes for not being a a better father. Nick leaves the hospital to pursue the remaining members of the gang. He buys guns from Bones who is a black market gun dealer. Bones then reveals himself to be Billy’s father after the end of the transaction. Nick locates Heco who is a member of the gang, and questions him on where the other members are they are, and learns their home is a mental institution that has been abandoned known as “The Office”. Heco is ordered to dial Billy’s phone under threat of gun and executed while Billy is still listening. Bones confronts Billy and murders Billy. He is killed. Nick goes towards “The Office” to take out the surviving band. After an exchange of fire the two Billy confront and severely wound each other in the chapel of the hospital. In the same pew Billy declares that he changed Nick into a vicious cold-blooded killer just like him. Nick pulls out his revolver and asks Billy is he ready to face his fate and Billy tears up as Nick ends his life. Nick, now with his family vengeful, returns home and watches the movies of his loved ones before waiting for his arrest. When she arrives, Jessica informs him that Lucas has improved and is now able to live. Nick becomes relieved and sees his family happily singing on the couch.

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